Analytical needs on Pharmacy Torreblanca

Pharmacy Torreblanca has a full service to analyze sugar levels to determine if there is any possibility of pregnancy or intestinal disorder, among others. Find out more.

Coordination with the majority of mutual insurances. Flexibility appointment: Monday to Saturday.

Monday-Friday 7:45am to 11:45am
Saturday 9am to 12:30am

Analytics types

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In this type of analytics and extractions you need:

  1. The patient mutual Card.
  2. The request prescribed by the doctor.
  3. ID (also for the collection of the analytics).

Each case will be confirmed, with the mutual Insurance, the cover of all tests requested. In case of failure in the cover, the patient will have to pay the testing at the pharmacy.

Children under 10 take two turns in a row.

In case of not being able to come and collect the results yourself, you can download here authorizations for someone else to collect them for you.