Personalized Service of Drugs Dosage

The perfect complement for taking drugs

SPD is a system that manages the proper taking of medicines and helps achieve the expected therapeutic efficacy. Especially indicated for chronic patients and with three or more medications taken daily. Since, in these cases, it is important to study the interactions, duplications and possible problems related to them.

Lack of memory, accumulation of medications and visits to different specialists sometimes may duplicate medications and patients forget how and when they have to take and what each one serves for.

Your weekly medication organized in days and schedules.

With this device you can take the medication correctly without errors and with the confidence of a correct planning and monitoring.


Our professionals prepare and deliver the medication every week in a carton (blister pack). This way the medicines are organized in different and closed compartments, separated by days and doses according to the prescription of the doctor. For the taking, just extract them from the corresponding section.

Each blister is personalized and identified with patient data. In addition, on the front of the label, syrups, injectables, ointments and eye drops are present when the patient needs to take them. And this also serves as a reminder.


Which advantages has the weekly blister (SPD)?

  • Helps patients' families and caregivers to monitor the medication correctly.
  • Reduces errors when taking medications and points out when is not taken.
  • It avoids the problem of drugs that are expired and kept in disorderly and inadequate places.
  • It allows the pharmacological monitoring and avoiding possible interactions and duplications between medicines.


Which people may benefit from this service?

It is indicated for patients as well as for their caregivers or relatives, especially for those people who:

  • Take three or more medications a day.
  • Do not remember when and how many medications have taken or have to take.
  • Can be confused with the containers or they have difficulty opening them.
  • Live alone with reduced autonomy.

Apply for our service now and earn peace of mind

Any patient, family member or caregiver can request this service at a minimal cost, only delivering the prescription or medication plan and patient authorization.

Take advantage of this personalized service with our advice and preparation. Have to your disposal the carefully checked medicines for every week for those you love.

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If your doctor prescribes you a magisterial formula, we will take care of the preparation.

For this, it is essential to bring the original recipe. Pickup at 24h 48h (except holidays and weekends and some formulas, for technical characteristics of the formulation, require more preparation time).

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