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It was April 30 of 1997 when Rosa Puig opened Pharmacy Torreblanca in the town of Sant Joan Despi, Barcelona. Founded on the values ​​of providing differentiated services to patients, in the following January, the pharmacy timetable was extended from 9 am to 9 pm every day of the year and, since then, clients can find our pharmacy open every day of the year, including holidays, always ready to help.

Furthermore, in 1999 she signed a concert with Cat Salut which accredited her to offer dispensations in order to provide orthopedic products by Cat Salut.

Traditional services but also new services. From the beginning, for example, pharmacy Torreblanca has excelled in offering a unique clinical extraction service for almost all mutual.

To provide the best treatment and offer greater comfort, the pharmacy expanded its facilities in December 2001, going into two floors: the first dedicated to dispensing medicines, oral health, orthopedics, babies and dermocosmetics and the second floor specialized in natural medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, BIO and, since 2014, sport and sports orthopedics.

All initiatives since its inception allowed to achieve ISO 9001: 200 on March 2002, becoming one of the first five pharmacies in Catalonia. And if that were not enough, in November 2006 in recognition of our excellence at the attention to the client, we were awarded with the distinction Alphega in the European convention. In addition, in the following February, L'Oréal group designated our pharmacy as the Pharmacy of the Future, recognizing it as the best innovative pharmacy in Spain.

In 2009 we remodelled again our facilities with the automation of most of the medications dispensed which allowed a better attention to each patient and their medication.

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At Pharmacy Torreblanca we know that Health is the most important element of our lives. That’s why our team Works every day of the year to:

  1. Provide you with a personalized service.
  2. Advise you about drugs or products best suited to each case.
  3. Provide you with all the services that can help you.

All this with the commitment of our highest professionalism and supported by our wide range of products.

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